Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Wall Failure in Arlington, NE Repaired with Geo-Lock Anchors

Marvin and Mary C. were tired of always having water intrusion in their basement. They had spent a significant amount of time getting this fixed, but no solution had worked. They wanted a permanent solution that would last, as previous customers Marvin and Mary, decided to call Thrasher.

We sent System Design Specialist Brandon Brown out to their home. He has able to see that there was extreme cracking and wall failure with over 3 inches of deflection in the middle of one of the walls. Hydrostatic pressure and expensive soil had caused a freeze line crack. The crew installed Geo-Lock anchors to stabilize the walls. Marvin and Mary were thrilled to know their walls would be stable now and appreciated the work the crew put into installed the Geo-Lock Anchors.

Foundation Crack Fixed in Americus, KS

David and Laura J. noticed that there was a forming outside on their foundation wall. Worried that the wall could pull away from the main home and cause more damage, they decided to call Thrasher to learn more about foundation repair solutions.

 The crew installed 5 helical piers to give the walls support and to close the foundation crack. After the 5 piers were installed, we went back and added another pier to give the wall more support and close the foundation crack even more.

Settling Foundation in Sioux City, IA Saved with Push Piers

Evan G.’s home was settling, and he was having trouble with doors shutting properly and cracking in the drywall. Looking for a long-term solution to stabilizing his home, his son recommended to have Thrasher come out and take a look.

We sent Service Technician, Matthew George out to the home. His was able to identify that the westers corner of his home was settling into the ground, which was causing problems inside the home. Cracks were also starting to appear in the floors and back patio. We were able to install Push Piers and attach them into the footings of the home to permanently stabilize the foundation and prevent further settlement.

Foundation Repair in Hickman, NE

Kevin is a homeowner in Hickman, NE, that needed some foundation repair. Service Technician Brandon Brown went out to the home and was able to identify that due to hydrostatic pressure, expanding and freezing soil, the exterior wing walls broke and tipped over. The crew installed anchors and covers to stabilize the walls. Kevin was very pleased with the final look and the hard work the crew put into the project.

Foundation Wall Repair in South Sioux City, NE

Robert B. is a proud homeowner in South Sioux City, NE and considering moving within the next year. Before entering his home on the market, he wants to have complete confidence his house is in the best condition to achieve its highest value. However, the north wall of his basement foundation was showing visible signs of failure. Robert was familiar with Thrasher and our dedication to a quality solution and customer service. System Design Specialist Joe Mulheim arrived at Robert’s home and performed a thorough inspection on the failing wall. It was determined that it was experiencing stage two wall failure and was visible from both the outside and inside of the home.

 To begin repairing the foundation wall, our team used five of our GeoLock Anchor systems to permanently stabilize the wall and return it to its original position over time. The team opted to use this product because there were obstructions in the home’s joists that would have been costly to move. These anchors are embedded deep into stable soil and then attached to the steel plates on the interior of the wall (pictured in the after photo). GeoLock Anchors are installed year-round and often completed in less than one day.

 Robert was thankful for the painless solution we were able to provide, and for restoring the value of his home. He was impressed with the entire process and now has confidence his home will bring maximum value on the market.

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