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Foundation Pier System in Thayer, MO

Gerald H. recently moved into his home in last year. He was aware that there could be possible problems with the foundation. He started to notice that the hallway floor from the garage was starting to become uneven the door was not longer closing properly. Ready to learn about foundation repair solutions, he gave us a call.

System Design Specialist Elliot Moles went out to Gerald’s home. He was able to see that the floors were uneven, and the door was sticking and came up with the solution of installing Push Piers. We installed three Push Piers to lift the hallway and bring the floors back to level. Gerald was extremely thrilled to have the floors level and didn’t realize how much of an impact this would have on his home.

Sagging Floors and Wet Crawl Space Fixed in Marshfield, MO

Darrell and Dixie N. have been doing work on their home and wanted to make sure that the foundation was stable. Darrell and Dixie noticed that the drywall was cracking and the floors were buckling. Concerned that they work they have done on their home would be worth nothing, they decided to call Thrasher for a permanent solution that wouldn’t cause any more problems.

The crew went out to their home and saw that the crawl space had water, the floor was buckling, and drywall cracks were throughout the home. We installed 22 SmartJacks to lift and stabilize the floor. We also put in a sump pump and fully encapsulated the crawl space with CleanSpace so the space would stay dry. Darrell and Dixie were very excited to no longer have to worry about the floors or crawl space.

Bowing Walls Reinforced in Rogersville, MO

After his girlfriend expressed concern and fear for this homeowner's foundation walls bowing in, the homeowner determine that he needed to have a professional come take a look at the walls for his girlfriend's peace of mind. He decided to call us because he knew we gave free estimates and that we would know the right solutions to help fix his problem.

We sent System Design Specialist Josh Krestine to inspect the foundation walls and determine what solutions would be best for his problem. Josh found that due to the lack of gutters on the home, water had been stacking up against the foundation walls, causing it to belly in. After explaining this to the homeowner, the homeowner decided to fix his foundation walls first before proceeding with any prevention solutions. We sent an installation team to install PowerBraces which work to enforce the wall and straighten the wall back to normal over time. 

The homeowner was relieved that he called us before the next big rain, and he is happy that his girlfriend and him will have a peace of mind about his foundation walls. Check out the wall straightening solution for this homeowner's foundation wall!

Walls Caving-in Fixed in Bolivar, MO

These homeowners in Bolivar, MO were concerned because their basement walls were caving in. They feared that if they didn't solve this, their walls would collapse and cause very large problems in their near future. They had heard of our solutions, so they decided to give us a call for a discussion and inspection of their walls.

System Design Specialist Justice Haven arrived at these homeowner's home to inspect the basement walls which were failing to determine what solutions we could offer. Justice found that pressure from the back of the walls was causing the walls to cave inwards. After discussing with the homeowners that the problem has a solution and reassuring them that they caught the problem early enough, Justice called one of our installation teams. This installation team arrived and placed PowerBraces along the failing walls to stabilize the walls, as well as help to push the walls back to their original position over time with tightening.

The homeowners were quite pleased with their newly supported walls. They loved the solutions as well as the installation team who helped them to fix their failing walls. Check out their newly installed PowerBraces!

Slopping Floor Fix in Springfield, MO

Elaine is a homeowner in Springfield, MO, and was getting ready to start remodeling her kitchen. Before starting the project, she wanted to address the sloping floors. System Design Specialist Nick Rosenthal was able to see that there was space between a foundation wall and the main beam. The crew installed Smart Jacks and a supplemental beam to fix the slopping floor. Elaine was thrilled to know her floors were properly supported.

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