Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Porch Foundation Repair in Omaha, NE

Marissa is a new homeowner in Omaha, NE, and wanted to make sure the front porch was in good shape, so she called Thrasher. Service Technician Wes Marshall went out to inspect the porch and was able to see that the three support columns were starting to sink and that one of the supports had fallen over. The crew installed four Smart Jacks and a supplemental beam, giving the porch the right amount of stabilization. Marissa was thrilled to have Thrasher come out to her home and fix her porch!  

Foundation in Omaha, NE Completely Stabilized with Push Pier System

Mark and Linda S. had been doing home improvements and started to notice cracks appear on the drywall, the new front door was also sticking. So, they decided that it was time to call foundation repair company.

We sent System Design Specialist Eric Wulf out and he evaluated the home. He was able to identify that the soil under the footing had washed out and caused the home to settle, causing the cracks to form.

We removed sections of the concrete slab in the garage and front door stoop slab. We then installed push piers 43’-46’ feet deep to load the bearing strata, 1.5 to 2 times the weight of the home was put on the piers to push them that deep. We were also able to lift the foot door to stop it from sticking. The home is now completely stabilized. 

Push Piers and Geo-Lock Anchors Stabilize Home in Omaha, NE

Homeowner Joy M. was struggling with the drywall in her bedroom and office. She also noticed the floor was starting to slope. Concerned about further damage happening, she wanted to get a permanent fix. After hearing about Thrasher from family, she decided to give us a call.

System Design Specialist Mike Lutmer went out to her home. He was able to identify that the home was starting to settle and one of the walls in the basement was bowing. We installed push piers to lift and level the area where the settling had occurred. We also used Geo-Lock Anchors to stabilize the lower level and prevent further damage from occurring. Joy was thrilled with the final outcome and the teamwork from the crew.

Garage Foundation Repair in Papillion, NE

Larry and Deborah R. are proud homeowners in Papillion, NE and want their house to stand the test of time so they can continue live there long into the future. Their garage was experiencing differential settlement, which means the garage was settling and leaning away from the home. With time it will continue to get worse, so they decided it was time to have it repaired. They chose Thrasher because they were familiar with our reputation of providing permanent quality solutions.

To begin the project, System Design Specialist Wyatt Simon arrived at the home in Papillion to perform a thorough inspection and determine possible solutions. Larry and Deborah opted to have our team install push piers to lift and stabilize the sinking garage. Our push pier installation involves the excavation of soil on the exterior of the house to place the piers onto solid bedrock to support the structure. After the installation was complete, our team cleaned up the entire site and returned the landscaping to its original state. All bushes were replanted, and grass seed was planted to help revive the lawn in places it needed to be removed.

Larry and Deborah couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome of the project. They were impressed with Thrasher’s efficiency and dedication to providing a quality solution. We were able to restore their peace of mind and help protect their greatest investment.

Historic Home in Coffeyville, KS has Sagging Floors Repaired

JD & Krista H. live in a historic home and were growing tired of home their dining room floors always bounce. When anybody would walk through the dining room, the bouncing floors would cause their china cabinets to rattle. JD & Krista were worried about the problem getting worse overtime and wanted to preserve their home.  

We sent System Design Specialist, Sean Robinson out their home. The existing brick column floor supports, and load-bearing walls were settling due to the high moisture in the basement and water would always come up through the brick floor. This would cause the floors to bounce and sag.

The team SmartJack XTs and supplemental beams to support the floors above. We also installed a TripleSafe, lateral lines and SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. This solution will help control water and protect the new floor supports from settling. Once the project was completed JD and Krista were not only impressed with the work that was done but the clean-up done by the crew.

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