Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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PowerBrace System Saves Wall from Complete Failure in Arthur, IA

Edwin O. and Jessica D. noticed that one of the walls in their house was starting to fail and contacted their landlord. In the home was a homemade brace system and concerned for the safety of the home, the landlord gave us a call.

System Design Specialist Corey Little was able to identify the wall was on stage three of wall failure with three inches of deflection and daylight was coming when looking near the top. We started by fixing the wall by installing PowerBrace System which was able to permanently stabilize the home. Since the wall had so much damage, we had to Shortlock the wall. Then we interlocked rebar to the PowerBrace System and sprayed shotcrete giving them a new wall without having to replace the old one.

Not only was Corey able to come up with a solution that allowed them to say in the home the entire time and was the least invasive. The home now feels safe again and the finished product looks great!

Basement Repair in Falls City, NE

Sheala W. has been in her Falls City, NE home for a couple of years now and plans on making this her forever home. She was looking to make the basement spot where her family and grandchildren could come and spend time together but, she was worried about the condition of the foundation walls and the lack of an egress window. After hearing about our reputation, she gave us a call.

Service Technician Jeff McCormick went out to Sheala’s home. He was able to see that some of the walls were facing wall failure and needed to be stabilized and helped them decided on the spot for the egress window. The crew started by installing GeoLock Wall Anchors and PowerBraces to stabilize the walls and prevent further wall failure. Then we installed a Rockwell egress well with a window for safety. Sheala was very happy to know she had peace of mind.

Wall Failure Stabilized in Morrill, KS

Greg in Morrill, KS was getting worried about the foundation walls. For years he had noticed some cracking appear but noticed the cracks started to get worse and appear for frequently. After getting a recommendation to call Thrasher, he gave us a call.

System Design Specialist Nico Lemmers went out to the home. During the inspection, he was able to identify that the walls were in extreme wall failure. The crew installed the EverBrace Wall System to permanently stabilize two of the foundation walls. Greg was thrilled with how hard the crew worked and how everything turned out.

Basement Foundation Repair in Holstein, IA

Michael and Amy J. in Holstein, IA have plans on remodeling their downstairs and make the basement more usable. Before starting any projects, Micheal and Amy wanted to get their foundation looked yet. The basement was always damp, so they gave Thrasher a call to learn more about solutions for their home.

System Design Specialist Corey Little went out to their home. He was able to see that all of the walls were in stage 2 of wall failure. There was also street creep happening in the driveway and pushing into the home’s foundation. The humidity level was also very high in the basement, which was causing a damp feeling.

The crews started with the driveway by installing CompressionGaurd, a 3-inch wide expansion joint to give them a buffer from the street expanding. For the basement walls, a combination of CarbonArmor and Geo-Lock Wall Anchors were installed to stop the walls from coming in. Also for a safe exit out of the home, we put in an Egress Window. A SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier was installed to control the humidity levels. Michael and Amy were impressed with the crew’s efficiency.

Failing Walls in Bellevue, NE Saved

Kristina W. purchased her family home and is going to restore it. Before starting with the renovations, one of the foundation walls had collapsed. Needing a long-term solution that would last she decided to call Thrasher.

System Design Specialist Warren Peters went out to the home.  He was able to identify that one of the walls had completely collapsed and the other walls were showing signs of failure as well. We used a combination of PowerBraces with ShotLock to stabilize the walls. Kristina was super excited to know the foundation walls were completely stabilized and excited to continue on with the project.

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