Gutter Installation Before & After Photos

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Old Rusted Gutters Replaced with Gutter Shutter in Clarinda, IA

Returning customers Scott and Jill K. were concerned about their gutters getting clogged, sagging and falling apart. They have lived in the home for a long time and still had the original gutters. Impressed with previous work Thrasher has done on their home, Scott and Jill gave us another call.

Service Techinican Chuck Kain went out to the home to evaluate the gutters. The gutters were galvanized, rusting and failing. Chuck recommended Gutter Shutter, a clog free and seamless gutter.  We removed the old gutters and downspouts. After measuring for an exact fit, we installed Gutter Shutters and buried all the downspouts so they would direct the roof water away from the house and foundation. Scott and Jill were very happy with how the gutters looked and impressed with the crew. 

Clogged Gutters in Yutan, NE

Linda S. Yutan, NE is part of Thrasher’s annual maintenance program. Each year she gets her Thrasher system checked out to make sure that is performing well. During the visit, an inspection is performed by one our service technicians to make sure nothing else comes up for the homeowner.

During the annual maintenance appointment Service Technician Wes Marshall inspected the gutters. He found that the gutters were completely full of branches and helicopters. With the gutters completely clogged, water would go right back over the gutters and potentially back into the foundation walls, impacting the waterproofing that she had done on her basement.

The crew installed RainDrop on top of the gutters to keep any debris from entering the gutters, only allowing water to enter and keep the gutters clean. Linda was very pleased with how RainDrop looked over the top of her gutters and thrilled to know this wouldn’t be a problem again.

Gutter Replacement in Lincoln, NE

For Gary and Gail in Lincoln, NE, stopping water from getting into their basement started with their gutters. Clogged and deteriorating gutters had allowed enough water to penetrate near their foundation to cause leaks in the basement 7 times in 4 years. To redirect the water before it could become a problem, we replaced their gutters with our no-clog GutterShutter gutter system, replacing 85 feet of rotted facia in the process. With the water problem now resolved, the homeowners can start the process of transforming their basement into a place for guests and recreation rather than a source of stress. 

Gutter Replacement in Andover, KS

Charity H. is a homeowner in Andover, KS and was fed up with water seeping into her basement every time it rained. She became concerned with the damage water could cause on the foundation of her home. Needing a permanent and quality solution, she gave Thrasher a call.

 System Design Specialist Robert Griffin arrived at the scene to perform and inspection on the home. After investigating the exterior of the house, it was obvious the size and quality of the gutters were the issue. They weren’t large enough to handle the capacity of water needed to prevent them from overflowing and washing out the soil against the foundation. In addition, the downspouts hadn’t been maintained and were also contributing to the erosion of soil every time it rained. To combat this issue, Robert designed a gutter shutter system specifically for this home and buried the downspouts to drain the water effectively. In addition, our team added wide mouth outlets to the downspout for increased flow and prevention of any bottlenecks in the system.

 Charity was thrilled with her new gutter system’s appearance and functionality. She was impressed with our variety of solutions and dedication to her well-being. She now has confidence that her basement will stay dry every time rain is on the forecast.

Gutter Installation in Wichita, KS

Jim is a homeowner in Wichita, KS, and was worried about the roof over the patio. He wanted to protect the patio from future damage and decided to call Thrasher Foundation Repair to learn more about new gutters. We sent System Design Specialist Josh Brown out to Jim’s home. During the inspection, Josh was able to see that water was not being collected properly due to poor design and gutter size. The crew installed brand new gutters from Gutter Shutter, giving Jim peace of mind that water would collect properly. 

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