Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Before & After Photos

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Installation of Egress Window adds Bedroom in Holstein, IA

Julie and Ed R. were moving into their home and wanted a homier feel in the basement. They were looking to add an egress window in their basement for more space and a bedroom. They have had Thrasher do previous work and decided to have us come out to install an egress window.

Service Technician Matthew George went out to the home. He was able to help Julie and Ed identify the spot for the window and the team successfully installed the egress window. Not only making the space safer but letting in more natural light.  Julie and Ed were thrilled with the addition of the window and the constant communication they received from the team.

Basement Water Intrusion in Bellevue, NE

Longtime homeowner Mary Kay G. was having problems with water coming down one of her walls. After having another contractor come to fix the water intrusion with no luck, Mary decided to give us a call.

Service Technician Marlon Marroquin and crew installed WaterGuard around the perimeter of the basement, effectively keeping water out. Then encapsulated the space with CleanSpace so that water would no longer come through the walls. Mary was happy that the water would no longer be a problem.

Basement Waterproofing in Omaha, NE

Jill N. is a proud homeowner in Omaha, NE and wants more protection from water damage in her basement. She utilizes the space for storage, but also wants to maintain maximum value for the property in case she ever wanted to sell. Seeking out a permanent waterproofing solution, she reached out to Thrasher because of our reputation, and the all the good things she’s heard from those around her.

 The project began with System Design Specialist Austin Sharon visiting the Omaha home to investigate possible solutions. Jill opted to have Thrasher install our WaterGuard waterproofing system around the entire interior of the foundation walls. WaterGuard is an innovating drainage system that is designed to solve water problems without clogging from the soils underneath. It’s a permanent solution that’s guaranteed to keep the basement dry year-round.

 Jill was thrilled with the results from the project and the effectiveness of the WaterGuard solution. Jill can have peace of mind moving forward knowing her basement is protected, and the value of her home is restored.

New SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier in Modamin, IA Home

Homeowner Star S. noticed that her sump pump was running a lot and there was a lot of water. She was worried that the existing dehumidifier was no longer working and causing problems in the basement. Concerned about the upkeep of her home, she discussed this during her annual service appointment.

Service Technician Chuck Kain was able to look at her existing dehumidifier and see that it was no longer working. He recommended that Star replace the dehumidifier with an up-to-date SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. After installing the new dehumidifier, the relative humidity went down and is now able to be controlled. Star appreciates Thrasher’s annual maintenance program for helping her with the upkeep of issues like this.

Basement Waterproofing in Granville, IA

Roger and Lisa F. are proud homeowners in Granville, IA but their basement had become a nonfunctional space due to a surplus of moisture seeping in. The basement had developed into a musty and damp area they felt wasn’t a healthy enough environment to be used. However, they wanted to be able to utilize the space for living, storage, and as a playroom for their grandchildren. Roger and Lisa were familiar with our reputation of wet basement repair, and they were thrilled with the solutions we offered.

To begin the basement project, our System design Specialist Jeff McCormick arrived at the Granville, IA home to perform a thorough inspection. Roger and Lisa opted to have Thrasher install a combination of our basement waterproofing products to guarantee the space stays dry year-round. Our team began by installing our WaterGuard interior drainage system around the full perimeter of the basement. CleanSpace waterproof barrier was then applied to all the walls to prevent any moisture from seeping through the cracks. To discharge the collected water outside, two TripleSafe sump pump systems were installed. Lastly, the team installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to prevent any mold growth, eliminate odors, and to keep humidity levels under control.

Roger and Lisa were ecstatic with the outcome of the project. They couldn’t believe the effectiveness and efficiency of the waterproofing solutions we offer. Thrasher was able to transform their unusable basement into a highly functional space for them and their family.

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